Donald Trump rally in Waco defines extremism

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Donald Trump – Despite the criminal probes piled against him, Donald Trump is pressing on with his presidential campaign.

The ruling has the potential to throw the United States into a political and legal quagmire.

Campaign rally

Donald Trump hosted his first official 2024 campaign event on Saturday.

During the rally in Waco, Texas, the former president raged against what he called “prosecutorial misconduct.”

Despite various investigations in New York, Georgia, and Washington, Trump has denied any wrongdoing.

Notwithstanding the lack of proof, Donald Trump claimed the investigations were politically driven efforts to stall his 2024 presidential candidacy over the Waco event.

“Prosecutorial misconduct is their new tool, and they’re willing to use it at levels never seen before in our country,” said Trump.

“We’ve had it, but we’ve never had it like this.”

“We must stop them and we must not allow them to go through another election where they have yet another tool in their tool kit.”

Supporters held placards with the words “Witch hunt” written across them.

“Our opponents have done everything they can to crush our spirit and break our will,” he said.

“But they’ve failed. They’ve only made us stronger.”

The event at Waco Regional Airport was reminiscent of Trump’s presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2020, laying the groundwork for his 2024 ambition.

The location

Donald Trump’s event was staged in Waco, Texas, 30 years after federal and state law enforcement raided the Branch Davidian doomsday cult’s Waco base.

A 51-day siege resulted in the deaths of 86 individuals.

For the radical right, it has since become a symbol of government overreach.

Trump did not mention the siege at the event, but a spokesman claimed Waco was chosen because of its central position, making it accessible to numerous Texan population centers.

“This is the ideal location to have as many supporters from across the state and in neighboring states to attend this historic rally,” said Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for Donald Trump.


Donald Trump’s return to his favorite event coincides with a number of inquiries.

A hush money payment for a ten-year-old scandal in New York is being investigated by the court.

Likewise, investigations into his efforts to invalidate the 2020 presidential election are taking on in Georgia.

On top of Trump’s attempts to steal the 2020 presidential election, Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith is analyzing secret records discovered at his Mar-a-Lago property.

Eventually, the former president is under investigation for his role in the January 6, 2021, insurgency.

The hush money & documents

Alvin Bragg, a Manhattan District Attorney probing Trump’s alleged participation in the hush money scam involving adult film star Stormy Daniels, feels the investigation is reaching its culmination.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump predicted his arrest on the social media network Truth Social, warning that it might lead to murder and devastation, which would be devastating for the United States.

Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, acknowledged to paying the woman $130,000 before the 2016 election to keep the affair private.

Trump has often denied the affair, and he did so again on Saturday night, using disparaging comments to describe Daniels.

Donald Trump’s defense attorney, Evan Corcoran, went before a federal grand jury in Washington on Friday.

He was anticipated to offer answers on the sensitive materials investigation that Trump unsuccessfully tried to protect.

As part of the criminal investigation into efforts to reverse the 2020 presidential election, a federal judge ordered six of Trump’s associates to appear before a grand jury.

Ron DeSantis & other leaders

Donald Trump slammed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during his rally in Waco.

DeSantis appears to be planning a presidential run, and early surveys suggest he may be a strong contender.

Trump attributed Desantis’ 2018 victory in the Florida governor’s election to him.

Despite a worse-than-expected Republican showing nationally, DeSantis won re-election by a landslide in 2022.

Trump said he deserved little credit for Florida’s success, claiming that previous Republican governors had kept the state rich for decades.

Additionally, he said DeSantis was overly proactive in terms of public safety measures during the early stages of the epidemic.

Republic executives in South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee did better, according to the former president.

“I’m not a big fan,” Trump said about DeSantis.

“He’s a disciple of Paul Ryan. That’s why he wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare.”

Donald Trump lauded Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping following their meeting in Moscow at the rally.

He characterized them as brilliant individuals who were discussing the international order for the next century, calling it “one of the saddest things you can imagine.”

“I get along with Putin,” said Trump, revealing he regularly talked about Ukraine.

“He wanted a piece. Now, it looks like he’ll probably end up getting the whole thing.”

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