Spielberg blasts revising old films for modern audiences, admits ‘mistake’ in editing guns from ‘E.T.’

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Legendary director Steven Spielberg recently blasted the idea of revising old films for modern audiences and their sensitivities. 

During an interview with TIME Magazine, the “E.T.” and “Jurassic Park” director claimed that old films should not be updated for the modern lens and claimed that directors who do so are committing “censorship.”

Spielberg also expressed his regret for editing guns out of a recent release of his classic sci-fi adventure film, “E.T.,” claiming it was a “mistake.”

The director spoke with the outlet’s editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal during TIME’s “100 Summit” on Tuesday. The two discussed filmography, with Felsenthal eventually asking the filmmaker whether there are any films he would have like to have done differently or go back and change based on where he is now.

“Looking back at your body of work… are there films you would edit, that looking back at them, something you would’ve done differently? As an editor, I feel that way about some TIME covers – Not yours!” the journalist asked.

“But is there a sense of – I know at one point you took some guns out of ‘E.T.’ and then regretted it,” he continued.

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